District 12-L

District Governor Linda Overstreet

Linda Overstreet, from Millington, TN, USA, was elected to serve as District Governor of 12-L at the Spring Convention in Jackson, TN, USA, on March 4-5, 2021.

District Governor Linda Overstreet retired from the Methodist Healthcare system in Memphis, TN, in 2014 after 37 years of employment. She held many jobs, starting out as a receptionist in Radiology and ending as a Database Manager in Patient Financial Services


She has been active in the Millington Lions Club since 2006. She accepted the role of Treasurer in 2012 and added on the Presidency in 2016. She also served as Zone Chair from 2015-2021.

In recognition of her service to her Club, she has been awarded Lion of the Year and two Dalstrom awards, along with a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship. She received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation for two years in a row.

Her husband, Mitch Overstreet, was a Lion of the Year, a Dalstrom award recipient, and received a Melvin Jones Fellowship.