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District 12-S

District Governor Benny Maggart
DG Benny Maggart 3.jpg

Benny Maggart has been a Lion for over 42 years. He began his journey in Lionism in District 12-O, he then moved to District 12-I and is now part of District 12-S where he was instrumental in gathering the membership and chartering the largest club in MD12, the Lafayette Lions Club in 1986.

Benny has served in several Lions positions from Club Secretary, Board of Directors, Charter Club President, Zone Chair, District Chaplain, Guiding Lion, 2nd and 1st VDG as well as serving on several District Committees.  Benny is now serving as District Governor for 12-S.  His club has produced 5 District Governors, 3 Council Chairs and 1 International Director. Benny is a Melvin Jones Fellow and has received an Int’l President’s Certificate of Appreciation, Golden Chain Award, Dandy Lion Award and the Gary-Eileen Laura Scholarship for the Lions Learning Retreat.

DG Benny has been a Missionary Baptist minister for over 49 years.  He has hosted a radio preaching program and preached on TV.  He has also worked as a salesman, psychological counselor for children in state custody and he has taught in county schools and as a college adjunct professor of psychology.

Educationally, DG Benny has a BS Degree in Art with pottery as a main field. During this time, he studied art in Rome, Italy. He, also, completed 4 years of ROTC and served in the US Army as a military intelligence officer. After service and being called into the ministry, he obtained a MA Degree in Psychology with emphasis in counseling.

Benny has been married to PDG Linda Maggart for 48 years.  They have two sons and two grandchildren


DG Benny was awarded The Outstanding Young Religious Leader in the early 80’s, and is a member of the National Kappa Pi Art Fraternity and the National Forensics League. He has coached T-ball and Minor League Baseball, Jr Basketball and Pee-Wee Football. His passionate hobby is making pottery. He also enjoys singing - mostly hymns and Southern Gospel Music.

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